Ah, wings! The simple Keto meal that’s easy to prepare but can get you in caloric trouble if you’re not careful. Pictured below you’ll see a popular option that we made for our family. It’s the butter and parmesan version. We’ve made salt and vinegar, Keto BBQ, and Wasabi versions. This baked version is a go to meal for us as it can be prepared as soon as I get home from work and placed in the oven. By the time I get changed and settled in, they are almost done. Macros on wings are great. 68% fat, 32% protein, and 0% carbs.

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Butter Parmesan Keto Wings
No need to have carb filled sauces when you can this delicious coating that forms a nice crunch on the outside of these delicious wings. You're welcome in advance.
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