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Keto Pancakes

Keto Pancakes - This is one of many versions of Keto Pancakes that we have experimented with. We used all the popular Keto baking mixes available and landed on the fact that there must be something better we could create. If you're in the mood to make the dry mix from scratch, here is a [...]

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Keto Enchiladas

Keto Enchiladas - Keto Enchiladas that are to die for. Simple to make and great for a quick and easy dinner. We made a few trays of these and had them for lunch the following day. Great reheated. - zucchini (sliced thin on mandolin ), chicken breast (or use a mix of white and dark [...]

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Keto Pho

Keto Pho - Keto Pho Under 400 Calories and less than 8 Net Carbs. Forget all those slimy wanna be noodles and go with delicious zucchini noodles. All the great flavor of your favorite pho dish! - zucchini, chicken or vegetable broth, chicken breast, shrimp (peeled and deveined), shitake mushrooms, eggs (soft boiled and peeled), [...]

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