I was lucky enough to have purchased a set of cast iron pans online from someone who was an old boy scout troop leader. They were a steal to say the least. I actually gave him more than he asked because it actually came with more than he originally posted. So just to set the scene, I paid $70 for the group of Lodge pans below.


1-14 inch 10 Quart Dutch Oven with lid and Cabela case

2-12 inch 8 Quart Dutch Ovens with lids and Cabela cases

1-12 inch Skillet with zip case

1-10.25 inch Skillet

1-6.50 inch Skillet

1- Camp Dutch Oven Lid lifter

1- Camp Dutch Oven Lid Stand (not pictured)

1- Wire rack (inside 12 inch Dutch Oven, not pictured)

I know, right!?! If you were to go to the Lodge site right now and order all that, it’s going to run you over $550.00 So saying I got lucky is an understatement to say the least. One of the best parts is the fact that the cast iron wasn’t pitted or badly rusted like the picture below:

In fact, they were in pretty good shape. I just wanted to start fresh and season them myself. You never know what was cooked in them and how rancid the fat may be baked into them.

So where to start? I searched YouTube videos, Google searches, and even called my mom on the proper way to bring these gems back to life. As I stated before, the pans were not very rusty so electrolysis didn’t seem to be needed, rather some good ole elbow grease.  Instead of using the oven self cleaning mode method and stink up the house I opted for the outdoor grill method for baking off the old and then the indoor oven for baking on the new.

I will list the steps I took to refinish the pans below.